World class recommendation engine

Brought to Laravel

Recon is a recommendation engine as a service with an intuitive API. Built on the same foundation powering

state of the art

Create personalized user experiences

Recommendation systems are not easy. Let us handle the headaches of building, training, deploying, scaling, and hosting for you. No ML expertise required.

High Quality, Real-time

Recon's machine learning algorithms are designed for flexibility. They respond to specific needs, preferences, and changing behavior of your users while delivering real-time recommendations.

Powerful API

You can integrate state of the art recommendation engine into your application within hours. No headache of building, training, deploying, scaling, and hosting a DIY ML solution.


Personalize every customer touchpoint along their journey. Easily integrate into mobile applications, web applications, and landing pages.


Scaling a machine learning solution is difficult. Recon takes care of that for you so you can get back to what matters most for your business.

No Headaches

No hosting. No servers. No headaches. Just connect to Recon using one of the available packages. You can also connect directly to the API for custom needs.

Cold start? No problem

The Recon Engine is tailored to serve the best recommendations for users and items with little or no historical data.

I'm always amazed by the results. Recon paid for itself within a few days.


How it works

Recon is built on users, items, and interactions.

How it works

Users are core to most applications and centric to Recon. Recommendations are based off of your user's actions within your application.
Items can be any entity that your users interact with. Songs, posts, other users, movies, etc. We will drive more user engagement by recommending relevant items to your users.
Clicks, views, reviews, purchases, follows, likes, streams, you name it. Any events can be used to power the Recon results. Each event's importance is automatically discovered through machine learning.

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